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Fab Fours

Whether you’re into overlanding, rock crawling, or even mudding, a smart off-road enthusiast understands that their factory-grade bumpers just won’t cut it. OEM bumpers were never designed with off-road conditions in mind, which is why it’s essential to outfit your vehicle with the right aftermarket bumpers since there’s a few different options available on the market.After all, your vehicle deserves to have the best bumpers that they make! Not just to enhance its overall appearance, but to also keep you and your riders safe both on and off the road.

Depending on the type of all-terrain adventures you’re looking to take your truck out on, functionality may be a stronger motivating factor for your steel aftermarket bumper purchase. Fab Fours specifically manufactures all its bumpers with full functionality in mind, so your truck isn’t weighed down with bulky, off-road-only parts. Fab Fours rear bumpers include additional tow-hook locations and integrated steps to help in reaching the inside or top of your vehicle.

So many of Fab Fours’ aftermarket truck bumpers also encompass the right aesthetic look, so you can enjoy an aggressive and sleek design that still operates with full functionality!

“Do I want to add a winch or lights to my new bumper?”
A factory-grade bumper isn’t going to withstand the stress a winch puts on it when in use, so find a replacement bumper that will allow you to pull yourself out of tight spots or help a friend in need out on the trail.

Light mounts are also an essential element to consider on a new bumper set, as they help increase your area of visibility, especially at night.


Warn is at your side no matter what trail you decide to take. Whether it’s a mud covered, path, we can handle it or one with rocks, we can handle it. With Warn, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. We offer you only the best when it comes to winches, cables and accessories so you can outfit your ride the way you want to. Our gear not only will help get you unstuck but it does it quicker than the competition because we know that time is important. So wherever your adventures leads you, you know you will be able to push the limits, live life on the edge and get out of anything with Warn. We’ll see you out on the trails.

Bed Accessories

The next generation of sport bars is here with the Sport Bar 2.0! It retains the popular classic sport bar look with an added modern twist. Taking it a step further, the Sport Bar 2.0 can be used in conjunction with most bed covers and has an option for a power-actuated light mount so lights can be hidden away when not in use.


The RIGID® Adapt™ LED Light Bars are the world’s first off-road lighting products that can change instantly according to conditions. Adapt offers 8 selectable beam patterns that range from broad short-distance lighting to highly focused long-distance lighting in a single fixture. It also includes RIGID’s new Active View™ Technology, which allows the beam pattern to actively adjust with vehicle speed. There are no moving parts within the Adapt. Instead, RIGID uses advanced LED technology and combines it with patented new optics to create a revolutionary lighting solution that can Adapt with changing conditions. Further, Adapt has built-in accent lighting that can be set to any color in the light spectrum, including white, for a custom look around town. The Adapt has a signature new look that is unlike any other light bar on the market, and it even has expanded mounting capabilities that include new base-mounting options in addition to traditional side mounts. Adapt LED light bars include a RIGID Dash Controller, which is a molded backlit dash-mounted unit that offers easy, intuitive control of Adapt’s beam patterns, Adaptive Mode, accent lighting, and programmable presets. RIGID Adapt Light Bars are available in 10-inch to 50-inch lengths and include a RIGID Dash Controller, Under Dash Module, wiring harness, and mounting hardware. With the RIGID Adapt, it has never been easier to Own the Night.

The A-Series LED Accessory Light is the universal light that can be used just about anywhere. Vehicle cabs, boat cabins, work vehicle beds, under the hood of a vehicle and trunks are just a few of the places where the A-Series can provide handy bright lighting in otherwise dark environments.

Rigid revolutionized the lighting industry with the introduction of the RDS-Series, and recent advancements in LED technology have made them more powerful than ever before with the RDS-Series PRO. With an improved output of 85,538 raw lumens, the RDS-Series Pro projects more usable light exactly where it’s needed on the road ahead.

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